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Yoneq wanted, dead or alive…and other pics

This gallery contains 6 photos.


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Those girls are hot for Yoneq!

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Yoneq and Haemeq in the news!

more funny pics from William Billy Lovell  

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Satyrical pictures of the Twelve Tribes

This gallery contains 4 photos.

by William Billy Lovell, ex-member in the USA. Billy likes to make light fun of the leaders in particular….

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I love you Yoneq

For a joke, just to “get it out of my system” I rewrote the words of this song that, if you are an ex-member, you would know FOR SURE! I love you Yoneq I love you Yoneq For you are … Continue reading

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Criticisms from ex-members and families

from Wikipedia Many are the testimonies written and verbal by ex-members and their relatives[64] which can be found on public domain.[65][66] They come from different continents and span over four decades.[67] Those stories are unique as everyone’s reasons for joining … Continue reading

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Twelve Tribes “Constitution”, sign on the dotted line

Since March 2014, date the Twelve Tribes Constitution was written, if you want to become a member in the Twelve Tribes in France (Tabitha’s Place) you’ll have to sign a paper discharging them of any responsibility towards you…..yep, you’ve heard … Continue reading

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The cult of Twelve Tribes

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El culto de las Doce Tribus

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Mind control in the Twelve Tribes Part 1

Twelve Tribes Mind Control 1/3 from Rosemary on Vimeo. First part of presentation by ex-member of the Twelve Tribes communities cult Rosemary Cruzado Rosemary tells her story and gives her answers to these frequently asked questions: What do you mean … Continue reading

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