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Criticisms from ex-members and families

from Wikipedia Many are the testimonies written and verbal by ex-members and their relatives[64] which can be found on public domain.[65][66] They come from different continents and span over four decades.[67] Those stories are unique as everyone’s reasons for joining … Continue reading

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Twelve Tribes “Constitution”, sign on the dotted line

Since March 2014, date the Twelve Tribes Constitution was written, if you want to become a member in the Twelve Tribes in France (Tabitha’s Place) you’ll have to sign a paper discharging them of any responsibility towards you…..yep, you’ve heard … Continue reading

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The cult of Twelve Tribes

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Can leaders write doctrine? or only Yoneq does?

Here is an example of double standards in this case in who has the right to write new doctrine. In the first instance a leader has to repent for expressing a simple notion that has not yet been accepted into … Continue reading

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The rule of separation

The “Rule of Separation” Why it is in place and how it applies in the Twelve Tribes Congregations at the present moment. Let us make a distinction; the Twelve Tribes doctrines are to put it simply either outer doctrine or … Continue reading

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